SFC GUIDE TO THE B-SODE - January & February 1978


We are all on a journey. Some of us are on a very straight path, while others are taking the more circuitous route. Many of us are enjoying a great adventure, and some may be just along for the ride. What will it be like if there is something on the other side? The SFC presents the flip side of the 7 inch singles that entered the Top 20 charts in January and February 1978.

Title - Artist (a-side title)

01 Yannis Markopoulos - Fanfare For Charon (b- Who Pays The Ferryman)
02 Mighy Two - Calico Suit (b- Althea & Donna - Uptown Top Ranking)
03 Julie Covington - Easy To Slip (b- Only Women Bleed)
04 Status Quo - Ring Of A Change (b- Rockin' All Over The World)
05 Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time (b- I Love You)
06 Dick Powell - I'll String Along With You (b- Dooley Wilson - As Time Goes By)
07 Bob Marley - Punky Reggae Party (b- Jamming)
08 Muppets - Music Hall EP Medley (b- Don't Dilly Dally On The Way)
09 Odyssey - Ever Lovin' Sam (b- Native New Yorker)
10 Brotherhood Of Man - You Can Say That Again (b- Figaro)
11 Bill Withers - It Ain't Because Of Me Baby (b- Lovely Day)
12 Scott Fitzgerald with the St Thomas Moore School Choir - This Time Of Year (b- If I Had Words)
13 War - Galaxy (Part II) (b- Galaxy)
14 T Connection - Cush (b- On Fire)
15 ABBA - I'm A Marionette (b- Take A Chance On Me)
15 Heatwave - Happiness Togetherness (b- The Groove Line)
16 Baccara - Love You Till I Die (b- Sorry I'm A Lady)
17 Electric Light Orchestra ?- One Summer Dream (b- Mr Blue Sky)
18 Imperials - Can You Imagine (b- Who's Gonna Love Me)
19 Rod Stewart - I Was Only Joking (b- Hot Legs)
20 Darts - Naff Off (b- Come Back My Love)
21 Rose Royce - Funk Factory (b- Wishing On A Star)
22 Tonight - Stroll On By (b- Drummer Man)
23 Sweet - Cover Girl (b- Love Is Like Oxygen)
24 Yellow Dog - Up In The Balcony (b- Just one More Night)
25 Smokie - Goin' Tomorrow (b- For A Few Dollars More)
26 Bee Gees - If I Can't Have You (b- Stayin' Alive)
27 Stargard - Disco Rufus (b- Theme Song From 'Which Way Is Up'')
28 Samantha Sang - When Love Is Gone (b- Emotions)
29 Stranglers - Rok It To The Moon (b- 5 Minutes)
30 Kate Bush - Kite (b- Wuthering Heights)
31 Free - My Brother Jake (b- FREE EP)