Hello. Listen carefully! I am going to take you back. Back to November 1978, when the 'Times' disappeared from the newstands over a labour problem, Dominica gained its independence from the UK, Indira Ghandi was re-elected to the Indian Parliament and Viv Anderson becomes England's first black international footballer. America lost Norman Rockwell and Harvey Milk. Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris all star in the film 'The Wild Geese' whilst the soundtrack to 'Grease' remains at the top of the album chart for the entire month. Paul Young makes his debut in the singles chart with his band Streetband and XTC release their second album 'Go2'. Wendy Craig makes her welcome return to TV in the hit comedy by Carla Lane 'Butterflies' and Tommy Vance introduces a new radio programme 'The Friday Rock Show' . All those memories, feelings and long past moments which made you who you are today. Now take a deep breath and let’s begin…

01 XTC - Dance With Me, Germany (from 'Go+' @33rpm)
02 Peter Tosh - Soon Come (b-side to 'Don't Look Back')
03 Streetband - Toast (number 18 single)
04 X Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolesence (number 19 single)
05 Rezillos - Destination Venus (number 43 single)
06 Jam - It's Too Bad (from 'All Mod Cons')
07 Dr Feelgood - It Wasn´t Me (from 'Private Practice')
08 Dixie Dreggs - Take It Off The Top (Friday Rock Show Tommy Vance)
09 Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light (b-side to 'All Revved Up')
10 Styx - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (non-chart single)
11 Status Quo - Accident Prone (number 36 single)
12 M - Moderne Man (non-chart single)
13 Boomtown Rats - (Watch Out For) The Normal People (from 'A Tonic For The Troops')
14 Blondie - Hanging On The Telephone (number 5 single)
15 Stranglers - Curfew (from 'Black And White')
16 XTC - The Rhythm (from 'Go 2')
17 999 - Homicide (number 40 single)
18 Buzzcocks - Promises (number 20 single)
19 Squeeze - Goodbye Girl (number 63 single)
20 Cars - My Best Friend's Girl (number 3 single)
21 Racey - Lay Your Love On Me (number 3 single)
22 Showaddywaddy - Pretty Little Angel Eyes (number 5 single)
23 Dire Straits - Setting Me Up (from 'Dire Straits')
24 Chas & Dave - Strummin' (number 52 single)
25 Suzi Quatro with Chris Norman - Stumblin' In (number 41 single)
26 Santana - Well Alright (number 53 single)
27 Village People - Y M C A (number 1 single)
28 Mankind - Dr Who (number 25 single)
29 Sarah Brightman with Hot Gossip - I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper (number 6 single)
30 Kate Bush - Hammer Horror (number 44 single)
31 Alice Cooper - The Quiet Room (from 'From The Inside')
32 Darts - Don't Let It Fade Away (number 18 single)
33 Leo Sayer - Raining In My Heart (number 21 single)
34 Olivia Newton John - Hopelessly Devoted To You (number 2 single)
35 Clare Torry - Love Is Like A Butterfly (from 'Butterflies' TV Series)
36 Bee Gees - Too Much Heaven (number 3 single)
37 Heatwave - Always and Forever (number 9 single)
38 Lene Lovich - Tonight (from 'Stateless')
39 Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Buzz Buzz Buzz (non-chart single)
40 Kate Bush - Symphony In Blue (from 'Lionheart')