SFC GUIDE TO THE B-SIDE - 21st September 1976


We are all on a journey. Some of us are on a very straight path, while others are taking the more circuitous route. Many of us are enjoying a great adventure, and some may be just along for the ride. What will it be like if there is something on the other side? The SFC presents the flip side of the 7 inch singles that were in the Top 20 charts for the 21st September 1980.

(Chart Position) Title - Artist (a-side title)

20 Nick Straker Band - Something In The Music (b- A Walk In The Park)

19 Shakin' Stevens - Baby If We Touch (b- Marie Marie)

18 Gary Numan - Down In The Park (Piano Version) (b- I Die You Die)

17 Piranhas - Getting Beaten Up (b- Tom Hark)

17 Piranhas - Boyfriend (c- Tom Hark)

16 Dread At The Controls - Rockers Galore UK Tour (b- Clash - Bankrobber)

15 Billy Joel - Through The Long Night (b- It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me)

14 Black Sabbath - Snowbliind (b- Paranoid)

13 Village People - I Love You To Death (b- Can't Stop The Music)

12 Mike Berry - If I Could Only Make You Care (b- Sunshine Of Your Smile)

11 Sheena Easton - Moody (My Love) (b- 9 To 5)

10 Queen - Dragon Attack (b- Another One Bites The Dust)

09 Cliff Richard - Dynamite (b- Dreamin')

08 Sheena Easton - Paradox (b- Modern Girl)

07 David Bowie - Move On (b- Ashes To Ashes)

06 Hazel O'Connor - Monsters In Disguise (b- Eighth Day)

05 Jam - Liza Radley (b- Start)

04 Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster (Dub) (b- (Jammin'))

03 Elvis Presley - Beyond The Reef (b- It's Only Love)

02 Randy Crawford - Blue Flame (b- One Day I'll Fly Away)

01 Kelly Marie - I Can't Get Enough (b- Feels Like I'm In Love)